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Professional Bike Fitting

Comfort, Safety and Efficiency Begin With Fit

How well your bicycle fits you means the difference between comfort and pain, fast and slow, safe and unsafe.

A proper bike fitting starts with selecting the right bike and frame size for your style of riding. Most bikes come in different frame measurements to help obtain the best overall fit. While measurement standards vary a bit between different manufacturers, we can help determine the ideal range of sizes that would offer you your best match to your body type and riding style.

How to Love Your Bike and Riding It

What does body type have to do with fit? Each of us has a different body characteristic — longer or shorter legs, torso, and/or arms, etc. A proper fit on a bike takes into account these various personal physical differences and converts the general sized bike to a bike that meets the needs of your physiology and riding style. 

Some may have specific goals for riding a bike. Whether you are racing, bike touring, gravel riding/bike packing, mountain biking, commuting, general fitness riding, or just want to ride for recreation – your performance and/or bike experience will improve and be more enjoyable when you fit on your bike properly.  We welcome all types of bikes: road, gravel, mountain, cyclocross, commuter, hybrid, cruiser, and e-bikes. 

No Matter Where… We Got You

Wherever you bought your bike, a great bike fit starts with us. We love helping our customers get the right fit - and if you didn’t buy your bike from us, worry not. We will walk you through the process and get you out and riding feeling comfortable, fast, and safe. Please call or walk-in to schedule an appointment

Plan Your Bike Fit

  • Appointments can be made by calling Allegro Cyclery @ 509-525-4949 or walking in.
  • Typically, a fit will take a 1-2-hour commitment.
  • Wear the clothing and shoes that you typically ride in, especially if you wear shorts with a chamois.
  • Bring your bike
  • Price is $125.00
  • All Covid restrictions and precautions will be followed. To best protect you and our fit professional, masks are mandatory and must be worn over nose and mouth. Neck gaiters, scarfs and the like are not an acceptable substitute for a mask. A disinfectant spray is used on your hands when you come into the store.

Your Bike Fit Includes:

  • Initial flexibility, physiology, and goal assessment
  • Cleat fit for clipless shoes
  • 2-week post-fit follow-up at Allegro (or over the phone or email if needed, unless changes need to be made)
  • Possible recommendations on how to customize/change parts of your bike to allow the best fit possible for you.
Kaler Marshall

Who is Kaler Marshall?

Our bike fits are done by our Master Mechanic and professional road and cyclocross racer Kaler Marshall.  Kaler’s eight years as a bike competitor, with the last five years racing as a pro, give him a unique understanding of fit characteristics. Beyond racing, Kaler is a committed bike commuter, he rides mountain and gravel bikes, and loves to restore bikes!  Beyond his passion for biking, his expertise as a bike mechanic gives him that inside track for bike fits – he knows how a bike works and how you should fit on a bike.