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Biking Routes in the Walla Walla Valley

Whether you’re renting a bike from us or looking for some fun routes to explore on your own, we have a ride for you. We love the Walla Walla Valley by bike and hope that you’ll join us soon. Happy riding!

Walla Walla Valley Road Bike Routes

Road Bike Routes for bike renters, enthusiasts, and long distance/maximum effort. Beautiful landscape in all directions with varying terrain. 15 routes for Beginner to Intermediate Cyclists

Walla Walla Valley Gravel Bike Routes

Explore the Walla Walla Valley with a mixture of asphalt out to the gravel routes and back into town. Adventure into the Blue Mountains North, East, and South, with wheat and grape fields all around. 8 routes for Beginner to Advanced Cyclists

Tuesday Night Ladies Rides

Slower pace (10-12 mph) and shorter miles (16-20 miles). This ride is a Social/Recreational ride. No rider is ever dropped from this ride. 18 routes for Beginner to Intermediate Cyclists

Thursday Evening Ladies Rides

This ride is a faster pace (12-16 mph) and longer miles (up to 25-28). This ride is for the cyclist who is aiming to increase their pace and miles, maybe training for an event or is working on a personal goal. No drop ride.

Walla Walla Wine Country Bike Routes

Great way to enjoy the beautiful Walla Walla Valley and the many wineries along the way! 4 routes for Beginner to Intermediate Cyclists

Tuesday & Thursday Allegro Shop Rides

This is a faster paced, no-drop ride and longer miles. Both men and women welcomed. "Need for Speed" sections (playful racing sections) pre-determined and optional. Mileage is 25-30 miles. 76 routes for Intermediate to Advanced Cyclists

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