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Salsa - Adventure By Bike

Salsa Cycles was founded in the early 80s by Ross Schafer in a small shop where he built steel frames and stems. A lot has changed, but many of the same ideas that went into creating Salsa have continued on with the company's growth into its current form as a globally known adventure bike company. From Salsa, you can expect a bike that's rugged and capable wrapped in a clean, thoughtful design that's a blast to ride wherever you choose to have your next adventure. From weekend gravel rides to the world's most challenging ultra endurance races, Salsa bikes are equally at home and ready to go.

Salsa Gravel / Touring Adventure Bikes

Salsa bikes have become a household name for dirt road explorers, endurance racers, and world-tourers everywhere. Their toughness and attention to detail is legendary, and much appreciated by those who spend long, hard days in the saddle. Whether you want to bomb through your local fire roads, upgrade to a new endurance racing rig, or cycle to faraway places, Salsa has a bike that can handle whatever you've got in mind.

Salsa Mountain Bikes

Maybe you're more of a backcountry rider that prefers singletrack or enduro races. If so, you'll be happy to see Salsa's line of full-suspension and hardtail mountain bikes feature trail-tested frame technologies coupled with high-performing components. Whatever your style, Salsa's got a great bike to help you meet your off-road aspirations.

Salsa Fat Bikes

What do snowy winter rides, loose sandy rides, and bumpy rocky rides have in common? They're way better on a Salsa fatbike. Adventure has always been a central theme in Salsa's philosophy, and that drive to explore on bikes has led to 3 incredible models that are continuing to push the boundaries of what's possible on bikes when the trail gets tough, or disappears completely.